Satori is a Japanese word, which means to have an "epiphany or an awakening," where once you have the answers, suddenly anything seems possible, which in our case means building a better body. The "I" was added to make it more personal, because every transformation begins within. With you. And so the name iSatori was born.

In today's world, information is overabundant — from television to radio to magazines to locker room talk, even from the people we speak with at work. Especially when it comes to building a better body and improving our health. And unfortunately, in the fitness industry, there is more misinformation — information that tends to be untruthful, half-lies, or mixed messages—than truths in circulation.

Aggravated, oftentimes disgusted, by the deceitful marketing tactics and dubious messages used by supplement companies, Stephen Adelé vowed to bring consumers the honest-to-goodness truth and help them find a voice of reason. In an industry where overhyped and underperforming "quick fixes" seemed to become the rule rather than the exception, Stephen decided "enough was enough" and proclaimed to help bring commonsense back to an industry where, unfortunately, commonsense is not common at all.

After several carefully constructed product ideas were assessed, working diligently alongside top medical doctors and nutritional biochemists, Stephen mindfully came up with the idea for the company in late 2001: iSatori—a Total Solutions provider to help individuals build their best bodies and healthy minds.

Creatine A5X by iSatori 50 serve

Creatine A5X by iSatori 50 serve

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