Top 5 foods to lower cholesterol

High cholesterol levels can increase the risk of heart disease.  Cholesterol is one of the many reasons why many people work towards a healthier lifestyle. Some of their methods to do this include eating less. However, doing so can sometimes be more harmful than eating a deep fried hamburger with chips on the side.
Instead of eating less, consider adding and substituting the following five foods into your diet to protect yourself from high cholesterol levels.


  1. Oatmeal

Instead of eating a slice of toast with butter for breakfast, consider having a bowl of oatmeal instead. Oatmeal is has lots of carbohydrates to give you energy throughout your day. Oatmeal is also rich in fibre which can lower your cholesterol levels.

  1. Hot tea

Substitute your coffee with a nice cup of tea. This beverage contains tannins which provide you the same amount of energy as caffeine. Tea also has an antioxidant called flavonoids. Apart from being able to fight free radicals in your body, flavonoids can prevent LDL from oxidising. This can prevent a plaque blockage in your arteries. Doing so can lower the risk of stroke and other heart diseases.

  1. Avocado

Avocadoes are rich in monounsaturated fat which can lower your LDL levels (bad cholesterol) while increasing your HDL levels (good cholesterol). Good cholesterol can seek, discard and recycle the bad cholesterol in your body.

  1. Beans

Beans of any type are full of fibre. As mentioned above, eating fibre rich food can lower your cholesterol levels. They also contain protein which is mostly found in meat products. Beans are a versatile and healthy choice for any meal.

  1. Fish

Replacing your red meat with different kinds of fish is a great idea. Instead of adding bacon to your salad or sandwich, consider adding anchovies or salted herring strips. Fish meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
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