Why Herbs of Gold Are Good For You

It has been stated that not all supplements and vitamins are created equal and there are brands that prove that time and time again. One of those brands is Herbs of Gold, bringing to the market supplements that are created with quality ingredients which make them one of the superior brands in the supplement world. The Herbs of Gold range is beyond just ingredients; all formulas are put together with upmost regard for human health and backed by years of research and science. Blending the traditions of Chinese herbal medicine, an artform that has been practiced for centuries, with modern science, the blends that are put together by Herbs of Gold have been tried and tested, based off formula’s that have been promoted for health and wellness for centuries. When it comes to medicine, health and nutrition often many people try to separate modern Western medicine from other more traditional forms but there is a reason many of these traditional practices are still used today and that is why the range from Herbs of Gold seek to use the knowledge that has been working. Using the best ingredients available, the reason Herbs of Gold supplements are so good for you is that everything is created with thought. Quality ingredients mean that all the nutrients are more readily available and by being mindful when creating any blends, the body is able to more readily absorb them. Whether you are using Herbs of Gold breastfeeding supplements, the energy blends or simply taking the antioxidant recyclers like the Alpha Lipoic Acid capsules, you will be feeling the benefits in no time.

Herbs of Gold Stockist

Deciding on what brands to stock is one of the most important tasks of any healthcare and vitamin shop, even online. If you want your store to reputable, then it is important that you only work with and stock brands that create quality products and have a great reputation. Herbs of Gold is one of those brands that not only have a great reputation but they make a quality product. This is why at Elite Vitamin Zone we are Herbs of Gold stockists. To ensure our customers are able to find the Herbs of Gold supplements they need, we stock as much of their range as possible from their Bio Curcumin & Glucosamine capsules, an anti-inflammatory that helps relieve mild arthritis, to their Biotin tablets that hair and nail growth. If you are looking to improve your bone health then we stock Herbs of Gold Calcium K2 with Vitamin D3, a blend that is designed to help the body absorb calcium better. Like many people, if you are looking to boost your immune system then Herbs of Gold has a brilliant blend called Cold & Flu Strike that we stock, which not only can help boost your immune system naturally, but it can also relieve symptoms of cold & flu like mild fever, upper respiratory issues and sore throat. At Elite Vitamin Zone we are proud to be stockists of Herbs of Gold supplements and we encourage you to explore the range that is on offer.

Why Fish Oil is Good for You

Most people have heard the notion that fish oil is good for and that we should be supplementing it in one way or another but why exactly is fish oil so good for you and what can the difference in quality fish oils have on your health? Fish oil is full of Omega 3 fatty acids, that not only are great for heart health but they are also an excellent anti-inflammatory. This aids in joint support, making it a great relief for people suffering from joint injuries and/or arthritis. The blend of fish oil made by Herbs of Gold specifically is engineered to not just help mobility by reducing inflammation in the body but it also can be used to help improve skin health as well. Fish oil is also an ideal supplement to take when you are pregnant, as the fatty acids help in the baby’s development. Children under twelve can also experience the benefits, with it being an ideal supplement to take while breastfeeding but also if given to children while they are growing, it can help with their brain, eyes and nerve development. Herbs of Gold sources quality fish oil and puts just the right amount needed in capsule form.

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