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THE FULL BLOG from JDN on their KETO EAA Product

Ketosis. It’s a word we’ve started hearing more in the health and fitness industry and thanks to social media and its fitness influencers, it may be something you feel you know all about now- but do you really?
Following the launch of Keto EAA, JD Nutraceuticals newest supplement, we’re going to discuss the process and results of ketosis, and how this product can help you smash goals. Keto EAA is designed to help put the body into Ketosis in order to aid in the acceleration of fat loss and potentially benefit both mental and physical performance. Successfully getting into a state of ketosis may be quite a challenge as so much of what’s deemed a regular diet consists of a lot of carbohydrates, and we all like a cheeky stint through the local McDonald drive-through every now and then. If you can even operate on the 80/20 rule however, you’ll still feel some of the benefits and JD Nutraceutical’s Keto EAA can help get your body back into a better state after a slight lapse in will power.
When taking this product, there are three key aspects that are important to understand. These are Exogenous (BHB) Ketones, Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) and Alpha GPC, and yes, the more acronyms the better.

Let’s talk about the one that most of us will have some idea of- Essential Amino Acids.
We ingest these when we have a steak, that thrilling chicken and broccoli or more to the point, a supplement- such as a protein shake or amino acid drink. So, why Essentials? These Amino Acids were given this title because the human body cannot manufacture them itself, they must be ingested through one’s diet. There are 9 of these EAAs and some small amount of them can be found in most food, however some food, like that thrilling chicken and broccoli will have more EAAs and a more beneficial nutritional profile than a pizza, for example.
Of course, for people wanting to improve their physical strength and performance and need to consume greater quantities of protein and EAAs, 10kgs of chicken breast may not be affordable. This is where supplements such as protein powder comes in- to provide easily ingestible protein and EAAs that isn’t as expensive as eating a flock of chickens a week. EAAs are the building blocks of proteins- the body needs them to manufacture new tissue and repair old ones which is why people who train and want to develop and grow physically and in strength need more EAAs in their diet than people who don’t. In short, EAA’s are how your body builds and repairs muscle and the more one trains and the stronger they want to be, the more EAAs they must consume through a well balanced, nutrient rich diet and by supplementing with an EAA product in order to easily consume the amount required.

The next key focus is Exogenous Ketones, also known as BHB Ketones or Ketone Salts. These Ketone “Salts” use beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which is a fancy word for a molecule that can be used as an alternative fuel source from glucose- which is what most carbohydrates break down into when consumed that will be used as fuel or stored as fat. These salts are a ketone body that attach and combine with a mineral- often sodium, hence the name Ketone Salts.
When putting your body into a state of ketosis and consuming a no-carb diet, your body will try to keep using all the glucose that’s left from consumed carbohydrates until even the fat stores are depleted, this is because carbs and glucose are your body’s preferred energy source as its easy to consume, use and then store when there are leftovers- which is how we get fat. When in ketosis however, the body stops getting carbohydrates and thereby glucose, so the body will burn through all is fat stores which results in fat loss. The body will then start using the protein and fats consumed in a “keto-diet” as fuel instead. These foods often fill you up better than a heavily carbohydrate based diet, and the body doesn’t store as much of the leftover food consumed which decreases the amount of fat storage. Other benefits linked to being in a state of ketosis include; improved cognitive function, focus and energy, improved mood, sleep and physical performance, decreased inflammation and suppression of appetite, as well as increased fat burning.
Now this might sound like a great diet to follow for these amazing results, however to actually get your body into a state of ketosis can be a long and difficult process- this is where supplementing with Exogenous Ketones comes in. By taking a supplement that helps nourish your body with the EAAs it needs while also providing these ketone salts, the process of getting into a state of ketosis is aided and potentially sped up. The result of this will be increased fat loss while building muscle and potentially receiving all the other reported benefits.

 Alpha GPC  and Huperzine-A (improve memory, cognitive function, focus, alertness. Derived from a plant)

The last key ingredient worth delving into is Alpha GPC, which is used due to its apparent effect on increasing a chemical in the brain called acetylcholine- which is integral to cognitive functions such as learning and memory. Supplementing Alpha GPC has been done by people to improve learning, thinking skills, memory as well as other conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s. By using this chemical in a supplement, these cognitive functions are usually notably improved. This will help focus and cognitive functions during training as well as in day to day function. This chemical and its effects are complemented and enhanced by two other chemicals; Huperzine-A which also aids cognitive function, memory and focus, and n-acetyl L-tyrosine which is a form of amino acid that raises the body’s stores of dopamine which improves mood and cognitive function as well.
By having Alpha GPC and its complementing chemicals, both of which are derived from natural sources, included in this supplement, the physical as well as the cognitive development of the person supplementing will be supported and improved.

Improvement of physical and cognitive function will likely be result from regular use of JD Nutraceuticals Keto EAA when following the supplement program, combined with regular exercise and high fat and protein diet with no carbs. If low-carb is more your tune however, you’ll still receive some benefit and feel a difference in performance, so don’t beat yourself up and force something you’ll hate doing. The EAAs provide the body with the nutrients and amino acids it needs for muscles to grow, repair to get stronger, the Exogenous Ketones help the body burn fat and break down fat stores while functioning optimally by aiding its transition into a state of ketosis, as well as by Alpha GPC aiding cognitive function, focus and memory- to keep you on the ball and always moving towards your goals.

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